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The following guidelines will help you maintain your braids for up to 8 weeks+,  keep your hair  well moisturized but most importantly healthy.

1. After getting your braids installed make sure to moisturized your scalp and go through the braids with hair grease which can be purchased at our studio ( this has to be done every 3 days)

2. Clean your scalp and braids every 3 weeks with a lightly wet towel (soak the towel into  warm water and shampoo, make sure you squeeze the water out. Go through your scalp and the braids gently then rinse the towel with plain water, repeat the process twice, use a blow-dryer to dry off the water from the braids). Moisturize your scalp and braids right after.

3. Get a touch up after 5 weeks, after the touch up you can go another 6 weeks with your braids.  

4. You can purchase the scalp moisturizer and anti-itch at our studio.

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